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The Case of Time and Space Part 2


 Hello Cassettes and Whovians alike, and welcome to the second installment of our Doctor Who series! This week we went further into space and talked about the reboot, the newer doctors, and of course the show’s most notorious villains. 

The Case of Time and Space


Hey Cassettes! This week we’re taking you on an adventure in time and space. First, we’ll take you to London in the 1960s, when the BBC started production of an all-new adventure series about a doctor from another world! Then, we’ll travel through the decades and stop at 1996, when the network released Doctor Who the movie.

So step into The Tardis with us and away we go!

The Case of Green Gables


In 1985, the Canadian network CBC aired a two part mini series about a feisty red-headed orphan with an over active imagination. Her name was Anne (spelled with an E) and she lived in the fictional town of Avonlea, in a house with green gables. 

The series (or movie as it is also referred to) was based on the novel series Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Although there have been many adaptations of the classic story (Anne with an E for example), this version from 1985  is considered by many to be the best. 

Hangout with us as we discuss how the series came to be, our favorite moments, and why the world fell in love with Anne Shirley. 

The Case of Video Game Movies


Happy Thursday, Cassettes! Ever since the first movie based on a video game premiered in 1993, video game movies have been notoriously awful. If we asked you to come up with a "good" video game movie, what comes to mind?

This week we invited Robin's husband Jacob back to discuss why these movies have such a hard time finding success with audiences and critics, and what should studios do to correct the problem.

The Case of Cinematography


Hey there, Cassettes! This week on The Black Case Diaries, we decided to discuss cinematography. Even though we couldn't cover everything, this is still our longest episode to date! We took a look at the history of the art, what it entails, and some great film examples suggested by our friends on twitter.

Thanks for listening!

Salute Your Case


Hey Cassettes! Here are the show notes that we wrote while researching our episode on Salute Your Shorts.

If you’re unfamiliar, Salute Your Shorts was a live-action Nickelodeon show in the early 1990s. It followed a group of young kids and their shenanigans at summer camp.